BD Barcelona by David Luraschi

In celebration of a new era for BD BARCELONA, a curated selection of works has been photographed by esteemed photographer David Luraschi

David Luraschi

The campaign was created in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed photographer David Luraschi, known for his vibrant and dynamic fashion campaigns alongside prominent figures such as Jacquemus.

In his photographs, a combination of historical and contemporary pieces come to life as if they were characters in a narrative, forming various configurations within Montjuic Mountain, an environment deeply connected to Barcelona.

The company's shared vision and brand energy unite all stakeholders: the architects, designers, long-standing partners, and friends of Barcelona. BD Barcelona aims to emphasise the city's magnificence, the symbolic value of the company's work, and its diverse and thought-provoking design character through this collective brand energy.

Location Scout, Tom Ross and Michael Roper

Terrace House near Demachiyanagi, Atelier Luke

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